Helping Your Students Find

Careers They’ll Love


CareerIRL gives your students exclusive access to great organizations in the community that are offering innovative short term education based work experiences.

Job Shadowing

1 Day up to 1 Week

To Explore


2 to 8 Weeks

To Experience


2 to 6 Months

To Develop


1 to 4 Years

To Learn

Temporary Work

1 to 12 Weeks

To Help Out

Upgrade & Streamline

Your Internship Program

CareersIRL is the perfect supplement to your internship program. We make the process for your administrators and students simple and easy.

We partner with top local companies and organizations, offering a vast network of exclusive educational based work experiences.

We help students pre-qualify for work based experiences and prepare them with individualized career coaching & preparation workshops.

We help the students manage their promising professional relationships, and create a clear path for them to land their dream job.


More Engaged

Students who can see a clear path to where they know they want to be show more motivation and dedication to gaining the knowledge and education they need to get there.


More Successful

Your students will find better Careers and make better use of their precious education as they build their professional network and connect with real world professionals in real life settings.


More Connected

Create measurable social impact as your students engage with the businesses and organizations within your community. You and your students will make great connections and building professional relationships.

School Pricing



Send your placement and satisfaction rates through the roof by utlizing CareersIRL to help introduce your students to professional opportunities they will love in their community.




Partially Subsidized


Let your students save 50% on any service provided by CareersIRL.
You pay just 35% of the remaining cost for every upgrade that your students make.




Fully Subsidized


Let your students utilize any services offered by CareersIRL at no charge to them.
You pay just 60% of the full rate for each student that utilizes our paid services.




Where We’re At



For a limited time we are offering exclusive access to our
PILOT program in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area.

Looking forward to having CareersIRL in your community?

Let us know where you are and we will notify you as soon as we come to town.

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