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We are making Building a Career & Building your Team so much better.


We envision a more connected and collaborated world with where poverty and discrimination are in left in the past. Replaced by empowerment, respect, and care for our neighbors.

Our path to a better tomorrow is through innovative solutions to problems that perpetuate inequality and unjust bias. 

CareersIRL is our acute approach to making a difference in society. We are dedicated to helping individuals find and develop a career that is mentally and financially fulfilling while helping businesses build engaged, passionate teams.

We look forward to working with and partnering with businesses, organizations, and individuals who share our vision.



We are currently seeking Seed Investments from strategic partners. If you are passionate in bringing about real lasting change in the lives of individuals and breaking down unjust barriers to opportunity we would love to work with you as we build a customer focused platform that can make a positive impact in the lives of its users and its supporters.

We are currently offering 20% of shares in CareersIRL at a total valuation of $1.5 M.

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We are not looking for employees, we are looking for team members and partners who are passionate about working with us on this project. We are passionate about creating a workplace that brings value, balance, fulfillment, and freedom to your life.

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