Who We Are



CareersIRL is a privately owned startup organization dedicated to creating a better, more effective way of helping employers and candidates find and develop mutually beneficial relationships. 


We are proud to serve socially conscious Businesses and Organizations who are ready for a better, more effective way to recruit. Working intentionally to build teams of diverse, engaged, and talented individuals who love what they are doing.

Our Mission

To give EVERYONE the chance to develop their talents, learn new skills, and discover careers they will love by connecting them with businesses and organizations who are offering short term, real world learning and work experiences.

How We Do It


Our platform and services makes it easy for businesses to instantly find and connect with top talent in their communities.


We make it easy for career seekers to build their professional network and test drive careers in the real world. We also offer world class career coaching to help them along their path to discovering and obtaining a career they will love. 


Our program is a full career exploration and development program giving schools and their students the ability to supplement their educational process with real world work based educational experiences.



Randy & Rochelle White are the Founders of CareersIRL.


Our Values



Blindness is not courage. Ignoring the colors and differences around us does not end discrimination or segregation. We must be courageous enough to have difficult conversations and take the necessary actions to ensure that opportunity is tied to an individual’s character, passions, and abilities rather than their skin color, gender, or economic status.


Paying It Forward

Trying to act in moral, ethical ways that helps others is contagious. We hope to nurture the idea of investing in social capital through sharing knowledge, time, and an outreached hand with those in our communities who are suffering from lack of opportunity.



Inequality still cuts deep through our communities and our world. CareersIRL hopes to break down walls that keep opportunities out of reach for so many.



We want to make a positive impact in individuals lives. We hope to do this by enabling people with the opportunity and ability to discover the joy of finding what they are passionate about, and the self fulfillment that comes from making their own impact on the world.



The sum is greater than its parts. We believe that we as a people are capable of incredible things, especially when working together in an environment that fosters shared knowledge, information, vision, responsibility, and recognition.



Creativity and progress is mutually beneficial, and is vital for tomorrow to be better than today. Fostering environments that break down barriers and encourage discovery and ingenuity has immeasurable benefits.



Being vulnerable with our actions, decisions, and knowledge is powerful and necessary for accountability and growth.


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